Tinnovation Prototyping. Transforming great concepts into refined solutions.


Prototyping enables us to stress test great ideas. We can work with you from the testing stage right through to creating a comprehensive business case ready for MVP development.

Digital prototyping enables us to test ideas to see if they work using 3 main types:

  • Paper prototypes to test a concept with a user group
  • Interactive prototypes to test UX
  • Code prototypes to test integrations or feasibility 


We work with clients from testing right through to detailed business cases ready for build.

Prototyping can save you time and money by either proving things work or enabling you to fail fast so you can finesse until the product passes the user testing stage.

This testing method reduces risk through exposing hidden shortcomings and functional gaps in both new products and major overhauls on existing products.

Strengthen and test your product idea with prototyping
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    Contact us to discuss how prototyping can save you time and money with a new digital product idea or enhancements to an existing product.

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  • Prototyping workbook

    Download our prototyping workbook for a step-by-step approach on what to consider when getting started with prototyping, no matter the type of product or specific business goals.

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