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So if your brand needs one agency to create a relevant story and build the tools you need, then let’s have a chat.

The Noble Collection

Replicating the magic of their in-store experience

The Noble Collection needed a new ecommerce website to support their expanding business.

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Creative hub to drive donations

Online donation platform and website for British contemporary artist Marc Quinn’s Odyssey.

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Bringing price comparison to the US

TVWizz evolved to serve a need, making sense of the myriad of TV packages available to US customers.

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Engaging content and campaigns

Creating engaging visual stories for compelling narratives.

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Meet the team

Designers. Project managers. Strategists. Developers. Mums. Dads. Music fans. Photographers. Fanatic travellers. We're a diverse bunch, from different backgrounds and with different experiences. But we think that's all the better to bring fresh perspectives to your challenges.


There are currently no positions to fill.

Nonetheless, we are always looking for new talent, get in touch if you want to be part of the team.

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  • Brand Director

    Tim Harper

  • Managing Director

    Jamie Simmonds

  • Senior Project Manager

    Charlie Hunter

  • Senior Strategist

    David Robinson

  • Senior Developer

    Daniel Dixon

  • Senior Developer

    Chris Zoryk

  • Developer

    Grant Russell

  • Head of Design

    Tom Windsor

  • Strategist

    Juliette Hettema

  • Designer

    Laura Walters

  • Finance Consultant

    Gary Baxter

  • Designer

    Caroline Etherington

  • Senior Developer

    Ollie Rhodes

  • Operations Manager

    Michael Reed

  • Head of Development

    Erik Ekengren

  • Senior Project Manager

    Sandeep Sandhu

  • Senior Project Manager

    Élann Carel-Maloney

  • Designer

    Joe Chakravorty

  • Junior Project Manager

    Joe Toay

  • Senior Project Manager

    Julien Vaireaux

  • Business Development Manager

    Dean Whitfield-Mervin

  • Head of Project Management

    Maria McDowell

  • Junior Designer

    Lizie Hain

  • Junior Developer

    Luke Gibbins

  • Junior Developer

    Zak Ali

  • Developer

    David Harlow

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