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Motorola website achieves over 170% increase in new user traffic

Scope of work

  • Website development strategy
  • Web design & development
  • User experience

The client: SGW Global

SGW Global have spent the last 20 years working with some of the world's biggest electronics brands. Operating globally, they provided R&D, manufacturing, marketing and logistical expertise.

The challenge

Having worked with Motorola for 10 years, SGW Global was granted exclusive rights to develop and market the Motorola brand of Nursery and Personal Audio products. They came to TheTin with a challenge - they needed two new portals developing, one for each sub-brand, but had limited time.

Both sites would serve similar content, managed by the same team at SGW Global, but require their own identity. Each would need to showcase product launches, news and promotions. Worldwide customer support and product registration was also to be included.

The solution

As timelines were tight, we proposed a phased approach, delivering these web presences in the short-term providing key information, with additional product content and support functionality coming on-line two months later.

With both sites requiring similar functionality and a CMS we decided an Umbraco based solution would fit. Umbraco is an enterprise level CMS without the usual enterprise costs and supports multi-tenant functionality.

This allowed us to develop one code base delivering two sites with feature parity (and the same backend system for the content teams), but by applying different stylesheets to each we could reflect the sub-brands' individual identities.

The result

Analytics read that the traffic had considerably increased for both products.


  • New Users 183% Increase



  • New Users 177% Increase

The outcome

SGW Global now owns two web assets which they can self-administer. A suite of templates and components allow them to refocus the homepage as campaign goals change, add new products and product categories and deliver support to their customers.

TheTin are a unique digital agency that move with agility and passion. They have a deep understanding of how to achieve strong emotional connections between brands and consumers through engaging website creative and content. It is a pleasure working with their team

Lesley Taylor

Creative Director, SGW Global

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