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  • Customer Experience

Increasing awareness and simplifying donations

Scope of work

  • Website design & development
  • Bespoke donation functionality

The challenge

Marc Quinn’s upcoming work Odyssey is more than just a piece of art, but a collaborative experience aiming to achieve real positive impact. Marc needed a platform to showcase the work, acting as a creative hub. Additionally, it required a complex donation flow to be simplified for multiple scenarios making it as easy as possible to get involved. Ensuring all users that visit the site understand the project and feel empowered to get involved was central to our design brief.

The solution

Working directly with Marc’s global project team, TheTin built bloodcube.org. Aligning to Marc’s vision of the project, we delivered an engaging yet informative site. The duality of the cubes is reflected in the UI, reflecting the identity.

We simplified a complex donation flow, handling localized payments in global territories via a bespoke solution. Intelligent integration with YouTube allows for content updates to be handled effortlessly, spreading the reach of the artwork.

The result

The website plays a pivotal role in the promotion of the project both pre and post-launch and is the primary gateway for managing the donations of both money and blood. Ongoing support has allowed the site to evolve alongside the project’s priorities and other offline campaigns

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