• Innovation

Broadcast-quality virtual platform for branded events and streaming

Scope of work

  • Innovation
  • Product definition
  • MVP prioritisation
  • System mapping
  • UX and UI

The technology

Host is your brand's platform to bring you and your customers together in a virtual space, through a fully branded, high quality, conference and streaming service.

The combination of broadcast quality streams intermixed with shared experiences is suitable for a host of situations where zoom simply won’t do.

You can use different types of virtual structures for events, with multi-room options, interactivity and additional content layers.

Due to it’s simple but powerful architecture, Host can be both scaled and customised to fit any situation where a brand needs to connect with its audience.

The ability to quickly and easily apply branded styling to the interface ensures a seamless brand experience integrating with existing or future campaigns.

From idea to prototype

Host was born out of necessity. As the country went into lockdown in 2020, we realised everything would change, not just in our daily lives, but the way in which brands engaged with their audiences.

Many of us here at TheTin are football fans, and whilst the clubs were worrying how and when they would be able to start playing again, we had a different concern. How would we, the fans, engage and participate on matchday?

We had a vision and quickly prototyped our first iteration of Host: Virtual Matchday.

Host technology in action: sports industry

Already in conversations with Crystal Palace FC, we ran a workshop to identify all the possible ways it could help replicate the matchday experience. From this a wish list was prioritised and developed leading to a beta phase which ran over the remainder of the season.

Virtual Matchday allowed groups of friends to meet together and view exclusive content produced by the CPFC media team in a fully branded experience.

Host technology in action: event platform

Following on from Virtual Matchday we realised that we had an interesting product and ran internal sessions to both scope out potential uses but also develop a brand name and positioning. This culminated in us running our first hybrid event using it for Tinnovation. We had 10 break-out rooms each with team members inside and ran a presentation and break-out room Q&A after.

Host technology in action: further development

Once we had created a more multi-purpose offering for Host we began conversations with several clients on how the product could help them engage with their clients and saw an opportunity for one of our clients, Dynamic, to use as a training tool for one of their largest clients. We focused the product roadmap on the training side of the product and now have a live tool being used to train end-users across the globe.

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