• Innovation

Simplifying internal processes and creating resourcing efficiencies

Scope of work

  • Innovation
  • Technology strategy

The client

Dynamic have been supporting brands in the retail space for over 25 years. From architecture and design services through to construction and installation they offer a one stop solution for their clients and provide support services including maintenance, warehousing, logistics and training.

The challenge

Having initially approached us to help deliver an in-house project management tool, conversations took a more future scoping turn and resulted in TheTin creating a multi-year technology roadmap.

The solution

Touching every area of the business we mapped out solutions to fit the business needs and workflows, and integrations with their customers’ existing systems.

This was a combination of reusing existing tools, bringing in new 3rd party solutions and custom development to pull the whole thing together.

The results

As a result of the roadmapping project, various new innovative workstreams have been launched. We have also developed an ongoing partnership, helping to navigate the complexity of technological and business challenges, bringing solutions and ongoing innovation to the Dynamic offering.

Working with TheTin over the last few years has helped us to head off current issues and have good foresight on future challenges. We work collaboratively on various elements of the business and they are invaluable in helping us to deliver innovative solutions.

Laurie Chalmers

Managing Director, Dynamic

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