• Customer Experience

Delivering a disrupter

Scope of work

  • Product definition
  • MVP prioritisation
  • Stakeholder management
  • System mapping
  • UX and UI

The client

An already established business, our client was looking to reposition themselves in a crowded market. With a new brand positioning in place, TheTin were brought in to deliver the vision.

The challenge

Their new offering would change the perception of how the public view their industry, with much of this communicated through the delivery of a new mobile app.

Working closely with the clients' brand agency, logistics and operations teams we were tasked with turning a concept into a solution.

The solution

Working to an Agile methodology, we began scoping, specifying and solutionising individual components of the user experience.

User and operational needs were converted to user stories and acceptance criteria. Functionality was then mapped into user flows, each focusing on a different section of the app.

As the project grew we continually mapped an ever expanding user flow in various levels of detail, enabling the clients board to see the big picture, whilst retaining the minutia required by the development team.

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