Introducing America to the world of price comparison.

The challenge

Too much choice can be bewildering, 100s of channels + 1,000s of packages + 325,000,000 viewers. Time is precious. People know what they like, and don’t like paying for things they don't. TVWizz evolved to serve a need, making sense of the myriad of TV packages available to US customers.

What we created together

We introduced the American public to the world of price comparison.

  • TVWizz allows users to compare packages from all the leading providers. By showing only those which contain the channels people actually watch, people save money by not paying for those that they don’t
  • Stripped back to the essentials. The message is simplicity. Whilst powered by complex data sets, the site is easy to use through a minimal interface saving time and frustration
  • But more than a site, we built a platform, on top of which more price comparison sites can be built with ease, maximising the return on investment for the business

The outcome

Working to a fixed budget, and without a defined solution, we adapted an agile approach. This allowed us to iterate as we progressed, investigating and implementing the solutions as we evolved the project together. We identified our target audience, and how to serve them.

During the project, we shifted the focus from cable providers to IPTV providers. Whilst this brought challenges, being agile we quickly changed direction and keep the project sailing smoothly.

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The team were really passionate about the project and knew exactly what we were shooting for.

Founder at TVWizz Mike Hockey

TVWizz Website
TVWizz Website on Mobile
TVWizz Website on Mobile

TVWizz gave us the opportunity to work with a new version of the Angular framework.
The final product is an elegant and dynamic Single Page Application that keeps user experience front of mind.

Daniel Dixon, Senior Front-end Developer

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