Creating engaging visual stories for compelling narratives

The challenge

Strategy& wanted to highlight their capabilities and experience to prospective clients in a new and engaging way. A primary way of demonstrating capabilities is through client case stores. But for a successful online case story you need more than just a compelling narrative, you need engaging visuals too.

Our challenge was to create a look and feel for Strategy& case stories that would set them apart from other online content and add delight and intrigue for the reader.

What we created together

Taking the existing narratives of the case stories we started by identifying the key highlights that would form the illustrations for three client case stories. These visual assets that would be created would also need to be able to tell the story without the supporting narrative so that they could be repurposed for a social media campaign. Knowing that animated content performs well on social media, and creates a visually engaging experience, we opted to create animated GIFs and illustrations to bring the stories to life.

Working with the Strategy& team we established an iterative process of producing low fidelity sketches for review before committing to full illustration and animation to ensure they were exactly what the client was looking for.

Using our knowledge of the Strategy& brand we were able to produce a look and feel for case stories that felt distinctive and refreshing whilst maintaining the brand style. We produced 3 unique visual narratives, some of which have now launched and are performing well on social media. This style and format can now be used as a framework going forward for future case stories and social media campaigns to set them apart from other content.


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TheTin has supported a number of our online case studies by creating thoughtful, engaging and beautiful infographics and animations. TheTin developed key points into story telling infographics, data visualisations and animated GIFs. The visuals helped to enhance the story and became fantastic social media assets that we used to attract users to the content.

Senior Manager, Global Marketing & Insights Angela Suh

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Strategy& Tweet on Mobile
Strategy& Tweet on Mobile

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