Simple Revolution

We call it a simple revolution…

Our challenge

To develop a visual brand that conveyed the idea of 'A Simple Revolution.'

Elegant yet playful, sophisticated yet vibrant, the brand would be built around the contradiction in the company name, and help communicate its message of clarity and confidence. This would include developing a logo, colour palette and font selection, as well as a launch site and brand guidelines document.

What we created together

We drew heavily from Danish design principles, reflecting the home of two of the co-founders, and the idea of 'less is more'. As a result we developed a visual identity that we believe truly communicates the core values of the brand, their principles and the warm personality of its founders.

This visual identity includes a bespoke wordmark, crafted from a crisp geometric font, further developed with playful graphical elements in the characters. We also experimented with several colour palettes, drawing from the bold and vibrant to the more naturalistic, eventually developing a palette that was both sophisticated, gentle, but also striking.

We approached the design from a digital first perspective, as we do with all our brand identity work. We’ve used a google web font, which as the name suggests is designed for digital, so there’s no longer a need for a secondary font. And the colour palette uses hues that rate well for online accessibility. By doing this, we’ve ensured that the brand will be consistent across digital applications and reactive to the ever-changing digital landscape.

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TheTin took time to understand who we are as a business and what we were looking for. They were a proper partner in the process.

Co-founder at Simple Revolution Adam Kaveney

Simple Revolution Website
Simple Revolution Website on Mobile
Simple Revolution Website on Mobile

It looks peaceful and simple, but there is volcano underneath which gives it tension…

Daisy Harding, Designer

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