Global brand and online solutions

Working together since 2010, we partner with PwC's global teams to develop solutions for both the internal network and customer-facing brand communications.

Our work for PwC has grown over time. We have created new digital assets using browser-based WebGL 3D modelling technology which allows the brand identity to be manipulated, animated and applied in new ways.

We have created an online virtual editor application which provides intelligent analysis of the written word and improves brand tone of voice and writing style. We develop responsive web components and templates for and campaign microsites.

Our work to develop guidelines for the Digital Brand System covers application of the brand identity in all channels and across all device types, online and offline, including video, social media and online advertising.

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We have worked with TheTin for 5 years and develop both online and offline tools for our brand. This includes web-based systems that make digital interactions with brand assets, guidelines and data user-friendly.

Director - Global Brand Leader at PwC Iliana Zuniga

GoThinkBig brand

PwC is one of the world's most recognisable and forward-thinking digital brands. And our know-how is helping bring it to life.

Adrian French, Brand Strategist

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