Online donation platform and promotional website to support British contemporary artist Marc Quinn’s upcoming work, Odyssey. Delivered in partnership with brand agency, Superunion.

Our challenge

Marc Quinn’s upcoming work Odyssey is more than just a piece of art, but a collaborative experience aiming to achieve real positive impact. Marc needed a platform to showcase the work, acting as a creative hub. Additionally it required a complex donation flow to be simplified for multiple scenarios making it as easy as possible to get involved. Ensuring all users that visit the site understand the project and feel empowered to get involved was central to our design brief.

What we created together

Working directly with Marc’s global project team, TheTin built bloodcube.org

  • Aligning to Marc’s vision of the project, we delivered an engaging yet informative site. The duality of the cubes is reflected in the UI, reflecting the identity.
  • We simplified a complex donation flow, handling localized payments in global territories via a bespoke solution
  • Intelligent integration with YouTube allows for content updates to be handled effortlessly, spreading the reach of the artwork.

The website plays a pivotal role in the promotion of the project both pre and post-launch, and is the primary gateway for managing the donations of both money and blood.

The donation engine was the biggest challenge faced during development. Spending time with Marc and his team up front we quickly understood the complexities of donating money, blood and indeed both from any part of the world. The logic flow was worked out with pen and paper before signing off with the project team and the payment processors before a single line of code was written ensuring the solution wasn't just fit for purpose, but one which is tailored to the users needs regardless of location or level of involvement in the project.

Visit Bloodcube.org

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The global refugee crisis is one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies we have seen. The idea behind Odyssey starts with the simple truth that my blood and your blood is the same, under the skin we’re all the same.

Artist Marc Quinn

Odyssey Website
Odyssey Website on Mobile
Odyssey Website on Mobile

TheTin was delighted to be involved in such a worthwhile project. The refugee crisis of recent years made us all sit up and take note.

However without a deeper conversation around a subject that affects all of us, how do we move forward and more importantly help and protect those affected directly.

Tim Harper, Co-Founder & Director at TheTin

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