Taming the beast

How do you make a new drink stand out behind the bar at the UK’s biggest pub chain? We developed a quick-play game to bring the brand to life in an innovative way and tap into the huge potential market.

Developing in HTML Canvas allowed TheTin North East team to bypass the app store and deliver the game on time and on budget, which meant the target audience bought into the brand before they’d even seen it in the pub.

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TheTin’s team grabbed hold of our brief and turned it round in record time while still harnessing our brand’s unique, creative spirit.

Marketing Director at Proximo Spirits UK Rob Curteis

Kraken interactive game
Kraken interactive game
Kraken interactive game
Kraken on mobile

We love rum. And The Kraken is one of our favourites! It was a pleasure to work with their beautiful visual assets and a great challenge designing a playable game that engaged and inspired.

Daisy Harding, Junior Designer

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