Fifteen years ago Jamie Simmonds and I walked into a nondescript office above a long since closed shop on Farringdon Road and bought a company off the shelf for a hundred quid, we swiftly incorporated that company into TheTin.

What's in a name?

Why TheTin? If we’ve been asked that question once, we’ve been asked it a thousand times over the years and the answer is simple (sort of): With so many companies promising the earth, both before and after the dotcom crash, we promised as a business that we would always deliver what we said we were going to deliver, in other words we’d do exactly what it says on the tin... ba boom tish!

From Soho to Noho

We considered working from home initially, that idea soon went out the window as we thought through the possible distractions and lack of face to face time in those formative days. We needed an office. Asking around Soho, where we’d worked for several years beforehand, a friend suggested we speak to a mate who had a studio. Our timing was perfect, a room had just come available in their studio in Charlotte Mews, so from Exmouth Market via Soho we moved to Noho. It was perfect, we had 100 sq ft, a mac, a PC, a couple of clients and a great pub, The Hope, a proper spit and sawdust boozer, over the road.

The business flourished during those early years in Charlotte Mews, the creative environment played its part, walking through a studio of traditional artists with pens, pencils, markers and cow gum every morning was an inspiration as we tapped away on our keyboards creating our own brave new world.

Diamond Street

As the clients grew so did the team and in time a move was necessary. Next stop, Hatton Garden. Our new studio was in the basement of the grand Wren House. Working in partnership with the late Ian Roberts, a mentor to both of us earlier in our careers, our agency stepped up a gear working on digital solutions for a range of clients from Waterford Wedgwood PLC to Mean Fiddler to a lingerie startup.

It was soon time to scale again. A move across the street to Hatton Wall became our base for the next 10 years. Black Bull Yard will be forever in our hearts (if it hadn’t been razed to the ground last year by property developers) and our business grew steadily from from requiring a third of the studio space to the whole thing by the time we moved on. Again, a healthy mix of corporate, entertainment and start up clients including Ronnie Wood kept the fires burning throughout this period.

To Smithfields and beyond

Our final move to date led us to our present home on the other side of Farringdon, east of Smithfields. Newbury Street was where our business was transformed into the Brand & Technology agency it is today. Working with key clients such as PwC, Telefonica and Medigold Health, designing and building brand solutions and tools the company grew further with the opening of our second studio in Newcastle, introducing us to a new world outside of London and one that we love.

Onwards and upwards

As we stepped into that nondescript office 15 years before did we think we’d be here 15 years later? Probably not, we didn't think more than a week ahead in those days, but we are rapidly becoming the most exciting version of TheTin to date.

TheTin is nothing without the people that have helped make and shape it over the years and continue to do so to this day.

Thanks to everyone who's been on this journey with us to date and long may it continue!

Tim Harper, Brand Director

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